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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


"What a year it's been, 2005".......Larry Bisbee, Maine Countryfolk Music Theatre....

Thanks to all the Indie artists, deejays, supporters and promoters, and best of all, the fans and spectators at our shows.

Just to recap a bit...

Most recently the
statistics show that in the last 60 days of 2005, Larry's website has received 3,640 visits, plays and downloads with 10 out of his 16 songs rated in the top 100. (Thanks to all the singers, deejays and musicians who made it happen)

The patriotic song "Stand Up Tall My Veteran" reached # 14, "Colorado River Juice" hitting # 17 (in just 2 days so far) "Western Thump" # 41, "Cattle and The Cowgirl" # 44, "Pickpocket Patty and Rodeo Joe # 87, "Lutes" # 52, "Ol Buck & The Saloon Girls # 30, "Old Harry And Me" # 65, Dispatch Doll # 81. and "Old Uncle Henry's" reaching # 80.

Check out our songs here...
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Larry Bisbee has been writing poetry since the 1970s, was a deejay on commercial radio for many years and has been writing songs for six years in collaboration with Margaret Arsenault and Jim Littlefield, Jose Daniel, Ron Pineau, Ken Wentworth and Harry King, Billy and Kathy "G", Mike Kearney, John Wishlove and Ann Leblanc (Vancouver, BC), Les Rowell & The Shadowcasters, Jeanine Andreasen, Alan Hutchinson, Sandy Waite, Jim Palmer, Lew Caldwell, Bob Thibodeau and Ray Paul.

Bisbee said, " I'm very pleased with the music and stories we're now producing and look forward to 2006 and the opportunities of working with other many Indie artists".

Congratulations to Buster Doss and the Indie Fan Fair and the upcoming "Jamboree By The Lake" in Winchester, Tennessee May 5,6,7, 2006.

And, we hope to see you at our Maine Countryfolk Music Theatre this summer.

Just let me know when you can come and we'll turn on the front porch light and put the coffeepot on the stove.

You're invited and always welcome!!!!!

Best to ya,
"BUCK" Bisbee
email is always

"BUCK" Bisbee 2005

Can you believe this? "BUCK" got up and played AND sang his original song, " Cabin Fever" last summer at the Maine Countryfolk Music Theatre...
"BUCK" says, " Well folks, It want so pretty, probably didn't sound so good, but everyone clapped at the end"... Humm, that may be because they liked it, or because I was finished. "I'll always wonder about that".....

Here's BUCK pictured with Master Photographer, Jay Stock of Martin's Ferry, Ohio at the 2005 Countryfolk Professional Photographer's Photoshoot at the Countryfolk Music Theatre in Maine... Jay is a friend of "Doc" Williams down in Wheelimg, WVA and hand-delivered one of "BUCK's" CDs to him. "BUCK" use to do promotional work for Doc and Chickie back in the 60s when they toured in Farmington, Maine...Thanks Jay!

God Bless all of you and Happy Holidays

To all of the musicians and songwriters we have had the good fortune to meet and perform with, God Bless and " Happy Holidays "to you all from myself, Linda and all the wonderful volunteers at the Maine Countryfolk Music Theatre and "BUCK" Bisbee's Wild West Show.. And a special thanks to all the wonderful spectators that support our music and antics. Without you, we would have an empty house. Bless you all.....

God Bless
Larry "BUCK" Bisbee and Linda Latham

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

International Country and Gospel vocalist, Jose Daniel, sing's Larry Bisbee's new song, "Colorado River Juice" on the Countryfolk records Label just in time for all the harvest workers in Yuma, Arizona.. Music and arrangement is by James Simmons, Lakeland Recording...

The harvest is underway and the 7th annual "Yuma Lettuce Days' starts on January 20, 2006 ..

Larry's song is for all the American and Mexican harvest workers who provide 90 % of all the nation's winter vegetables...

"BUCK's" New Song has just been finished as we speak....

Free plays and downloads at

"Colorado River Juice" is a song about the Mexican and American harvest workers in Yuma, Arizona... The hard work together and "fiesta" after the harvest.. How Colorado River Juice (water) "turns desert sand into Yuma Valley green"...... And how workers celebrate the harvest with dancing in the streets of "Old Town Yuma" every January......

Artwork drawn for "Colorado River Juice" is by Sandra Gage of Yuma, AZ

Here are some of the folks at the Maine Countryfolk Music Theatre, "BUCK's" hideaway in the summer months.. Come join us... Always free country music every Sunday, Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day..... Lots of surprises too......

Larry "BUCK" Bisbee says Howdy & WELCOME

Please enjoy Photos & BUCK's performances and activities at his Maine Countryfolk Music Theatre and "On The Road" Pics from Arizona and Tennessee....Enjoy and See ya soon !

Sunday, October 23, 2005


For Veteran's and their Families everywhere

"We honor our Veteran's every day"..... Larry "BUCK" Bisbee

"Stand Up Tall My Veteran"

(Here is the patriotic musical version; Vocals by Ken Wentworth; co-written by Larry Bisbee, Ken Wentworth and Harry King - Released 11-04-05)

The Publisher is Ken Wentworth Publishing BMI, sung by Ken Wentworth and written by L.Bisbee H.King K, Wentworth on Artists Carousel Records .

I hope you can give it some play .

We really enjoyed doing this song .

Larry Bisbee sent the Poem that he had written to Harry King and Ken Wentworth who wrote the Music and brought the song to life at Victorian Studio in Bangor Maine USA.

Ken went on to say, "This is truly a great song and much is owed to Larry Bisbee for the words that bring strong emotions to me . I allowed myself to be moved by the words and I feel that one can here that in the words of this great song.

" I think it is possible that this song is one that may live on past us all".

Thank you Larry for this beautiful peace and for the chance to give it music and life". ....Ken Wentworth, Artists Carousel Records

(Here is the recited version by Larry "BUCK" Bisbee)

A letter from a veteran......

"Larry, Thank you so much for the poem "Stand Up Tall My Veteran" ... Sir as a Viet Nam Vet this poem brought tears to my eyes, it is nice to know that finally we are being welcomed home".

"I would like to post this poem in a Vet's chat room, so I am requesting your permission to use it on the chat room site. A'waiting your reply", John Wind, Nam Vet 1969-1970

"Yes John, please use it, and "Welcome Home", Larry...

"Stand Up Tall My Veteran"

copyright 2004 Larry E. Bisbee BMI (all rights reserved)

South Paris Native Composes Patriotic Song For Veterans Everywhere by Mark Chag (re-printed by permission of the Norway, Maine Advertiser-Democrat Newspaper)


­Stand up tall, my veteran. Be proud of who you are.Yes stand up tall, my veteran. We too are proud. Proud of who you are!

So reads the chorus of an enlightening patriotic song, written by SouthParis native and military veteran Larry "Buck" Bisbee. The song now is rippling across radio airwaves, the internet, the nation ­and even throughout the world.

Although the holiday that honors our military heroes has recently come andgone this year, Bisbee insists that praise for veterans shouldn't be limitedto a single day. "Every day is Veterans' day," Bisbee said, during a telephone interview from his winter vacation hideaway in Arizona.

Bisbee grew up in South Paris, and was a member of the last graduating Paris High School in 1960." That was a long, long time ago," Bisbee said with a laugh. Following high school, he traveled to Boston to enroll in broadcastingschool and has been involved with the music industry ever since. Last year he decided to write a patriotic song in tribute to the country's military veterans, entitled "Stand Up Tall My Veteran.""This song is for all veterans of all wars and their families," Bisbee said." For all those who have suffered the sacrifices of our military men andwomen."

Working with arranger/composer Harry King of Winthrop, and country singer Ken Wentworth, of Bangor, Bisbee added music and a voice to his lyrics and now the song is quickly sweeping across the country." Both of these talented musicians are well known in the music industry," Bisbee said of King and Wentworth. "Ken is a singer who performed with Maine's own Dick Curless, and Harry has worked with many notable singers including Englebert Humperdink among others."

Bisbee's song was recently released, just in time for Veterans' Day. According to Bisbee, it has been receiving steady air play in New York,Tennessee, and Texas, as well as an international market overseas in Australia and New Zealand. In only the second day after being posted on Worldwide Soundclick Internetcharts, an online website that posts music, "Stand Up Tall" reached number 24, with well over 600 plays and download. The song has also been sent to every military and veteran organization in the United States, as well as radio stations from Alaska to Florida evento Europe." We've already received letters from vets and military bases thanking us for the song. It's a good feeling," Bisbee said.

No stranger to what if means to serve his country, Bisbee is a veteranhimself, having served in the United States Air Force during his younger years. "I wrote the song because I believed in it. We offer it for free to people because the song is not for profit. It's for veterans. We wanted people to have it for free," he explains. Anyone with access to a computer can listen to the song or download it for free by visiting" Stand Up Tall," along with more than a dozen of Bisbee's other works area vailable at the website. Bisbee spends the warmer Maine months in East Dixfield, where he operates the Countryfolk Music Theater from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The theater showcases local country music talent, and fans attend each show for free.Donations to the establishment are welcome, and the funds are redistributed in the form of student scholarships. Bisbee also owns a recording studio that encourages local musicians to record their work for free. "We don't charge them recording fees, the only cost is for supplies," Bisbeesays, adding that he feels it is important for such talent to get the chance to be heard and generate a fan base. With free recording sessions, and his song available for free on the internet, Bisbee hopes to support everyone from prospective performers to veterans of war.

Larry Bisbee, Ken Wentwoth and Harry King are co-songwriters for "Stand Up Tall My Veterans".

Larry co-writes on a regular basis with musicians Margaret Arsenault and Jim Littlefield of Andover. They have several award winning songs to their credit.

Stand up tall my veteran, Be proud of who you are
For you have braved the battle, defending home and lands afar.....
Our freedom is forever now, for every common man
, And all the women and children across this blessed land.......

You never liked the killing, the fields of blood-stained war
But you were military men and women, fighting for our nation's cause....
War is not so glorious, with life and death each day
You felt the pain and heartache, a lifetime it has stayed.....

Our veteran men and women are still laying on the field
When life was on the line, they would never yield......
In the heat of battle, there's no time to set your sights
A moment of indecision, may cause you or your friend's life...

You're living in the moment, little time to do what's right
For your brothers and your sisters,
depend on you for life....

To all our friends and neighbors, this is what I say,
"They gave life and sacrificed, for you and me that day"

So, when you see the wall or veterans gathered round, praying on hands and knees
For those who gave it all for us to live so free.......
Kneel on down beside them, touch a hand that you don't know
For their loved one fought for freedom so our children all could grow....
To see our flag a'wavin', cheer our marching bands
To be young men and women, proud of this great land...


Yes, Stand Up Tall My Veteran
We too are proud, Proud of who you are

"Buck" Bisbee's Promotional Downloads for Indie Deejays World-Wide 11-01-05

"Western Thump" - SONG Lyrics by Larry "BUCK" Bisbee, music, arrangement and vocals by margaret Arsenault and Jim Littlefield A.K.A. "Nickels & Dimes' - Countryfolk Records, Maine, USA

"Marshal Silver Takes On "Wild Bill" (cowboy poetry)
"Cattle And The Cowgirl" (cowboy poetry)

Now folks, Let's find out more about "BUCK" and all his Amigos........
Find out more about us right here
" Roped & Branded"

Traditional Country Band that plays regularly at the "BUCK" Bisbee's Countryfolk Music Theatre in East Dixfield, Maine USA and special eevents throughout the state.

They are a part of the "BUCK" Bisbee Wild West Show and Country Music Jamboree available for community fundraising events and country fairs.

They are an award winning band in Maine and New England.

Members of the band are left to right in the photo Victor Mercier, Jim Littlefield, Margaret Arsenault and Del Parker.

They are available for booking for dances or special events at 207-392-1200
or contacting Larry "BUCK" Bisbee at

Jim and Margaret, as a duo, "Nickels and Dimes", write and arrange the music for most of "BUCK's" lyrics. They are once again winners in songwriting with Bisbee. Both of their current CDs, as a duo, aka "Nickels & Dimes, are with lyrics the three have all worked on together as co-writers. Both albums, "Country Kissin" and "Nickels & DImes" are available. Their songs are available for free download on

Their first CD as "Roped & Branded" is in the works.

Albums and singles of "BUCK's" Cowboy Poetry and Jim and Margarets "Nickels & Dimes" Album songs are available to Indie Deejays and commercial radio world-wide by contacting Larry "BUCK" Bisbee at
Or listen to them now at
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Monday, October 17, 2005

"Buck's" home in the summer

Come by and visit... "It's the place where musicians and families gather"

US Route 2, East Dixfield, Maine USA

More photos and info about the Countryfolk Music Theatre (click here)

"BUCK" Bisbee to Perform "Cowboy Poetry" at "Arizona City Days Festival" with Mexican guitarist "Freddy Fiesta"

"BUCK" Bisbee's Wild West Show & Country Jamboree

Now Booking 2006 Fundraising Events & Shows

email "Buck" Bisbee at

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OL "BUCK" dancing with Miss Leia and her "Tarantula" on Main Street in Old Town Yuma during Arizona City Days Festival - November 19, 2005.... (notice "BUCK's" six-shooter is ready, just in case that tarantula dances his way)

Jamboree 2006 Latest News

Whoa pardners, The new CD is finished..

"BUCK" Bisbee's "Tales Of The West"
is now available at
.... Hope ya like it...

Suggested donation is $10.00 with profits from the CD going to support the Maine Countryfolk Youth Music Scholarship Awards Project...

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Veteran's Day is nearly here. Click on this link and listen to "BUCK" Patriotic Poem, "Stand Up Tall My Veteran"

"BUCK's" new Cd, "Tales Of The West" is just finished. It includes six-teen original works of Cowboy Poetry & Prose. Artists interested in recording any of them for their own albums, film scores or commercials, contact BUCK at

Here's what the back cover looks like... Hope you like it..... Yep, that's "BUCK" riding Cowboy Lone's horse, Rico at Jamboree On The Mountain in Monteagle, Tennessee in May of 2005.

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"BUCK" and daughter Kathy( in cowboy hats)
pictured with the National HOBO Gospel Singers
(aka the "Prayer-rie Gospel Cowgirls" for the Wild West Show)

Margaret Arsenault is a great traditional country singer, "yodeler" ( winner of the Yodeling Slim Clarke Award 2004) and actress. Here she is as a member of the "Cavenaugh Gang", Wild West desperadoes.
MORE - "BUCK" Bisbee's Wild West Show Antics !

"Countryfolk Cowboys", Wild West reenactors in "BUCK" Bisbee's Wild West Show. The show is now booking performances for the summer of 2006. The show includes Bullwhip demonstrations, Country Music, Western Gunfight Reenactments, Saloon Girls and Comedy. Loads of family fun !

More info for booking at your local community fundraising project or special event by contacting "BUCK" Bisbee at email

"Jim Bob" & Ellie Mae (James Littlefield and Margaret Arsenault) with "Ol BUCK"

Posted by PicasaRuff n' tuff "Cavenaugh Gang" member, Margaret Arsenault

"Musicians of Maine" TV Show Wins Maine Media Award

Dick Stevens, producer- director of MOM is pictured here with the 2005 Media Award from the Downeast Country Music Association...

"Musicians of Maine" is in its third successful season (2005) and reaches more than 200,000 households weekly throughout the State of Maine.
The project originates at Mt. Blue TV in Farmington, Maine and is edited and distributed by "The Stevens Studio".

"BUCK" Bisbee says, "we are really proud of the show and the opportunity it has given to showcase Maine country music, as well as other genres of music". "I'm proud to be an advisor of the show". "We started developing the show three years ago, and it surely has grown past our wildest expectations"...
More info, photos, contact info for musicians and soundclips at the Musicians of Maine website....

"BUCK" Bisbee playing the washtub with l-r Jim Littlefield, Margaret Arsenault, Buck, Herman LeBlanc and Ray Paul, all regulars at BUCK's Countryfolk Music Theatre in Maine.

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"More Volunteers Raising $$$ For Country Music
Youth Scholarships".........

Bullwhip "Cracker", Bill Greene

Saloon Girls
Linda Latham & Shawna Edwards

Country Jim Palmer

Smilin' Ellie Mae joined the "Cavenaugh Gang"

Preacher "Ed" and his "Flock, Diane Degone, Kathy Bisbee and Shawna Edwards....

Countryfolk Wild West Cowboys / Cowgals 2005

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"BUCK" Bisbee's daughter Kathy flew in from California to be a part of the 2005 Wild West Show and Country Music Weekend at the Maine COuntryfolk Music Theatre during the summer. Here's a look at that pair of gunfighters in their best western duds. Dad was sure proud of his daughter who acted, sang, made chili and video-taped seven hours of the festivities. What a cowgal !

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Don't count on "BUCK" Bisbee singing at your next Honky Tonk gig, but he's working on some new material to go along with his "Cowboy Poetry" ...

Now, he might just recite one of his Cowboy Prose pieces to ya tho, like this one...

Click here to listen to "Pickpocket Patty and Rodeo Joe"

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Ron Wayne Atwood, Country Jim Palmer, Stevie cee and Sue Brogna

Ron Wayne on stage at the Maine Countryfolk Music Theatre 2005 during "BUCK" Bisbee's Wild West Show
15 year old award winning country singer Patrick Libby pickin' with Corey Bonnevie....

Larry Blouin cookin' "Chuckwagon Beans with that Floosy "Pretty Prickly Paula"

"BUCK" goes south of the border every once in a while

Posted by Picasa BUCK says, "There's gonna be a shotgun wedding as soon as I find that scoundrel, Jim Bob, that's been a'chasin' after my little inncocent daughter, Ellie Mae".. "Or a funeral"